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Non Conforming Home Loans

What if you don’t meet the lending criteria of your local bank? A non-conforming home loan might just be the solution.

Non Conforming Home Loans

Perhaps you’re a self-employed home buyer, lacking the traditional borrower’s paperwork? Maybe a couple of missed loan repayments have left you with a ‘tarnished’ credit history? Or maybe you just don’t meet all of a lender’s criteria?

While scenarios like this can be frustrating, there are other options.

A non-conforming lender will look beyond traditional lending criteria, meaning you may well be able to secure a home loan after all.

At Choice Home Loans, we understand that life is not all black and white and there may be reasons – beyond your control – as to why you might not meet the standard lenders’ criteria.

We have access to a range of non-conforming home loans that offer you the opportunity to fulfill your home buying dreams.

A non-conforming loan can mean a fresh start, with the chance to re-build your credit rating and get your financial future back on track.

On the flipside, it will probably come at a higher price and you will be looking at higher interest rates and fees. These are all important considerations.

Using our extensive database of home loans and lenders, a Choice Home Loans broker can identify the home loan to meet your individual needs and requirements.

If you would like to explore your borrowing options and find out more about how a non-conforming home loan could help you achieve your financial goals, speak to a Choice Home Loans broker today.

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