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  • Simple ways to add value to your home

    Whether you’ve just bought your first home to live in, or you’re a keen property investor looking for ways to improve the resale value of your investment, there are plenty of good ways to subtly and easily increase your home’s value. Here are some of Choice Home Loans’ top tips for simple home renovations. 

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  • Buying at auction? Here's the insider know-how

    Auctions are a common occurrence in today’s property market, so if you’re thinking of buying another home, it’s good to go in prepared with a winning auction strategy. Here are Choice Home Loans’ top tips for keeping your cool and beating the competition at auction:

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  • Steps to building a successful investment portfolio

    Thanks to our strong property market and tax concessions for investors, property investment is a popular pastime in Australia, and can even provide a full-time income for some people. But how does a would-be investor get started in the property market, and ensure they make the most from their investment? Read on for Choice Home Loans’ top tips.

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  • Is spring the right time to buy?

    Spring is widely known as the busiest time in the home buying calendar as the nicer weather draws more buyers out to property inspections, and drives more vendors to list their properties. But is spring really the best time for buying a home, or is it merely an industry myth?

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  • Renting or buying – which is best for you?

    When it comes to property, the decision between renting and buying is often a difficult one. While renting will often be cheaper in the short-term than paying a mortgage, the benefits of buying a home may leave you financially better off in the long run. However, you’ll need to have a deposit and some stability in your finances to get started.

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